Highlighting The 10 Best Online Jewelry Shops Today

Highlighting The 10 Best Online Jewelry Shops Today

Regardless of whether or not you’re looking for a really special necklace from in up and coming designer, or a vintage ring that isn’t going to set you back a mountain of money – or any other piece of jewelry, for that matter –you’re likely going to want to start your hunt online to find the best prices and the best selection.

Here are 10 sites you’re going to want to have a look at while you are hunting for that perfect piece!

1. Net-A-Porter

The world’s leader when it comes to designer clothing, this website also has some of the best pieces of jewelry and accessories available at discounted prices as well. It’s really easy to find some really special additions to your jewelry collection when you browse these product categories, especially considering how often this company adds new pieces to its collection.

2. Astley Clarke

One of the most well-known, well-respected, and well-regarded of all the London-based boutique jewelry producers, this particular organization continues to put out top-notch jewelry pieces that run from affordable to outrageously expensive and everything in between. Each piece is as semi-custom or completely custom as can be, and no two pieces are truly ever really alike.

3. & Other Stories

This company is part of the H&M organization, but represents the more “high-end” and upscale accessories and jewelry pieces available from the company. You’ll find plenty of options that are affordable, though many pieces of jewelry really trend towards the more expensive side of things when it comes to fashion and costume jewelry. You’ll never have to spend a mint on these jewelry pieces, though they will likely be slightly more expensive than what you could find elsewhere.

4. Daisy London

Probably most well-known for the iconic collections that utilize a whole host of eclectic materials, designs, and stones, this jewelry house is responsible for jewelry designs that have been worn by some of the biggest celebrities on the planet but the prices aren’t at all outrageous! In fact, many find the prices for these custom pieces of jewelry to be right in line with other retail organizations, never really even getting close to the outrageous prices that this company could command just based off of the celebrity clientele that they have already established.

5. Browns Fashion

Originally established in 1970, this shop is probably most well-known for its very distinct taste, it’s very distinct aesthetic, and it’s very distinct and carefully curated collection that it makes available for sale to the rest of the public. You’ll find pieces here that are very unique, very special, and quite unlike anything else you are able to find elsewhere before the most part you won’t have to pay sky high prices to get your hands on these jewelry options.

6. Matches Fashion

A high-end fashion destination for sure, you’ll certainly spend a little bit more money when you order jewelry from this company compared to some of the other options in this quick guide but most will agree that these amazing pieces are worth a bit of a premium price tag.

7. Auverture

When it comes to flat out unusual and completely unique jewelry pieces, no one does it better than this organization. Their in-house designers come up with some of the most eclectic and interesting jewelry pieces of available today, and though they do not charge high price tags for the jewelry that they make each piece instantly becomes a collectible and can command higher prices on the secondary market.

8. Otiumberg

Established in 2014 by two sisters living in London, the entire goal of this organization has been to help women find jewelry – modern jewelry designs at prices that are always less than $300. It’s easy to find top-notch pieces at considerably less than that here.

9. The Jewel Hunt

Those searching for inexpensive fashion and costume jewelry pieces from some of the more recognizable brands in the business are going to want to begin their hunt right here. This is one of the most popular online jewelry stores anywhere in the world, and has an extra large selection  as well as amazing prices for everyone.

10. Asos

Offering everything from completely offbeat and eclectic pieces to more expensive and high-end fashion options when it comes to jewelry, this shop is very popular with the younger crowd and has more than 80,000 pieces of jewelry available for sale from some very recognizable designers.