How To Save Money On An Engagement Ring

How To Save Money On An Engagement Ring

Diamond engagement rings are purchased pretty much all year round, with proposals and engagements happening every single day of the year – but the lead up to Christmas in the lead up to Valentine’s Day is when most jewelers see the biggest spikes in sales for that year.

For those that are looking to save on a diamond engagement ring it’s a great idea to save up for a year (or two) in advance and then make the purchase in the “off-season” – immediately following Valentine’s Day – to save the most money on these kinds of rings. This is when you’re going to see the biggest sales offered and the most “wiggle room” from jewelers (both online and off), and this is going to be the time of year when you really have the best opportunity to save the most money on this kind of purchase.

At the same time, there are other little tips and tricks you can use, pieces of inside information from jewelers themselves that you can leverage to improve the amount of savings you are able to get on a real top-flight diamond engagement ring.

Where to share some of those with you below!

Know exactly how much you have to spend ahead of time

Any jeweler – every jeweler – is going to try and sell you as expensive a diamond engagement ring as they possibly can, all in an effort to boost their profitability and their business success.

Understanding this right out of the gate is going to help you navigate the world of engagement rings pretty successfully, but it’s also important to remember that most jewelers are going to be able to work with you in your budget (though always leaning towards the high-end) as they want to win your business no matter what.

Some people advise going in with a budget that is a bit of a “lowball” so that you have room to splurge at the end of the purchasing process, but most agree that going in with an accurate and honest budget – and being upfront about how much you are able to spend on a diamond engagement ring – is the best way to do business.

You’ll be able to stick to your guns and the jeweler that you are working with can help you to find the best diamond engagement ring in that price point.

Do not cut corners when it comes to the cut of the diamond

While you can save money on pretty much every aspect of a diamond engagement ring – from the setting you choose to the size of the stone, the color of the stone, and the clarity of the stone that you pick – the only area that you cannot cut corners on has to be the actual cut of the diamond itself.

If you’re going to be operating under a relatively tight budget or a limited budget, the number one thing that you have to emphasize is the cut of the diamond itself. The cut of the diamond is going to make it sparkle or not, is going to show off all of the natural aspects that make it so special or hide them, and is generally going to make the diamond really shine or make it look a bit like a cheap dud.

If you have to, go with a smaller diamond with more flaws and not exactly perfect clarity but really emphasize the cut of the diamond itself. When you focus on the cut you’re guaranteed to get a diamond that is visually stunning, no matter what other flaws it may have.

Work with your jeweler to find an appropriate setting

You don’t have to go hogwild when it comes to the setting of your diamond, though you’ll want to choose materials and an appropriate setting that accentuates the diamond that you have selected while hiding some of its flaws at the same time.

If you’re going to be spending any more than $2000 on a diamond you NEED to see it raw and in its uncut and onset form. The only way to verify that you are getting exactly what you are paying for. At the same time, if you’re spending right around $2000 on a diamond – or want to purchase a diamond that has some flaws that can be hidden – make sure that you work with your jeweler to find a setting that helps you do exactly that without losing any of the beauty of the ring itself.

The right setting can help you save big on a diamond purchase while still letting you go about creating a ring that is really special!