The Four Best Online Diamond Dealers Today

The Four Best Online Diamond Dealers Today

More and more people are going online to purchase diamond jewelry, especially diamond engagement rings, and it’s easy to see why.

Before, folks were a little bit nervous about making a purchase this large – and this important – online, but today nothing could be further from the truth. Millions shop online every single minute of every single day, and when ordering from the four best online diamond dealers that we have highlighted below you have absolutely nothing to worry about whatsoever.

In an effort to help you find the perfect diamonds for your specific needs, we’ve put together this quick list of the very best of the best online doing business today.
1. James Allen

Considered by many to be one of the very best, if not THE very best, online diamond dealer doing business right now, James Allen was originally founded in 2006 and has helped to revolutionize the industry in a variety of different ways.

For starters, they were one of the first few companies online to offer an almost endless inventory of diamonds to pick and choose from. Today, they have more than 100,000 diamonds available for sale – quite a bit less than the amount of inventory carried by Blue Nile, but still almost double or even triple the overwhelming majority of other options out there on the market today.

Secondly, they helped to pioneer truly high definition 360° photo and video highlights of all the diamonds that they make available for sale. These images are about as crystal-clear as technology can make possible, and are the next best thing to being able to physically handle and inspect diamonds that you are thinking about purchasing in person.

Finally, the customer service available from this company is nothing short of exceptional. The presentation they offer everyone that orders a diamond from James Allen is top-notch, and the prices that they provide a rock solid as well (no pun intended).

2. White Flash

White Flash is a tremendously popular online dealer of diamonds, specializing in bridal jewelry and super ideal cut diamonds that are may be the most spectacular found anywhere in the world today.

Really helping to pioneer a specific cut of diamond that accentuates every positive aspect of the diamond, with absolutely zero flaws showcased whatsoever, those that order from White Flash are able to purchase diamonds that are a little bit less expensive but because of the cut look three or four times more valuable.

3. Brian Gavin Diamonds

Brian Gavin and his father have really helped to pioneer what is known as the “Hearts and Arrows” diamond cut, and it results in diamonds that bounce and reflect light like no other cut on the planet today.

Each and every one of the diamonds that they make available showcase this unique cut, and it provides them with an almost florescent look even in low light situations. If you’re looking to give someone special to you a diamond that is going to glow brilliantly even in the middle of pitch black darkness, you’re going to want to consider moving forward with a Brian Gavin Diamond option.

They also offer top-notch customer service and a beautiful presentation that allows you to gift the jewelry just as soon as it arrives at your doorstep. These are beautiful diamonds through and through, and are worthy of consideration.

4. Blue Nile

Ranking right up there with James Allen as far as reputation is concerned, this is another tighten of the online diamond industry and possesses may be the largest diamond inventory in the world today.

More than 250,000 diamonds are available from Blue Nile for sale at any one particular point in time, with thousands being sold and thousands more being added to the inventory on a daily basis. This large inventory and 100% online only presents allows them to keep prices between 20% and 50% lower than traditional retail outlets, and helps customers get their hands on spectacular diamonds at prices that would have been impossible otherwise.
Closing thoughts

All things considered, you really won’t have any trouble finding the perfect diamonds for that special someone in your life when you choose to place your order with any of the four online diamond dealers that we have highlighted above.